About Us: Shop Software Systems

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Shop owners today need smart EPoS software to stay competitive. A good EPoS software package can make the difference between profit and loss.

These are some of the main reasons why more shops are implementing a system like Intelligent Retail's Connect:

  • Want to reduce their stock costs by 5% to 40%
  • Want to improve their website by increasing sales
  • Want to make their website easier to manage
  • Want to simplify management aspects of their business.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Automate tedious tasks and improve efficiency by 20%

Connect shop software represents the very latest business system for retailers with 1 to 50 stores. It connects many elements of a modern day retail business within one easy to use system including stock management, electronic point of sale (EPoS), eCommerce, customer relationship management (CRM), eBay and central business management.

Using smart client technology, the company believes it is the perfect architecture for shops today. Connect seamlessly covers multiple sites as well as individual stores, and routinely checks for updates, further enhancing reliability. The smart client technology delivers a system that is installed, updated and managed via the internet with real time information flowing throughout delivering a distributed system with central control, communications and backup. Yet in all software operations are essentially performed with a local database which means that in the event that central servers or broadband service slows down or becomes unavailable there will be absolutely no change in user experience, this is vital for till systems.

With an open source database at its heart, the platform is highly robust and, since no internet connection is reliable enough to make a till dependent upon it, each computer in the system carries a copy of the database to not only enhance resilience, but also improve operating speed and there are no overheads in cost per till.